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Have you authored an extraordinary novel? Do you need your book to be made into an outstanding film? Just to meet your requirements, we offer you, our most on-demand-service – book to screenplay adaptation. Our expert screenwriters will ensure to convert book to screenplay in a way so that the essence of your writing remains the same. We have introduced this service to meet the requirements of writers and production houses (who hold the copyright of a book).

History of the organization founded by Pinaki

Speaking of experience, we have been operating since 2009 and have composed more than 125 screenplays. It is one of the most popular screenplay writing services in the world with some of the renowned Hollywood and Bollywood screenwriters. Meet our screenwriters.


Is it accurate to say that you are a writer and composed a novel? Has your novel been valued by many? Now, you must resort to the next level and convert your book to an exceptional screenplay. It won’t just assist you with reaching a more noteworthy number of audience but additionally, make your story visible to the world. Yet, adjusting a novel to screenplay isn’t a simple assignment. Thus, it is vital for you to pick an accomplished and experienced screenplay writer.


Are you in search of an expert screenplay writer? If you are from a production house that has purchased the rights of a novel, you have landed at the right place. Speaking of our work, we assure to finish the screenplay with striking visual references, catchy dialogues, solid characterization, infectious discoursed and a proper climax. The screenplay will consist of all the imperative plot purposes of your novel yet make immaterial bits succinct or discarded. Thus, your 300+ pages novel will transform into a 120-page-screenplay keeping the genuine embodiment of the novel unaltered.


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  • Full-length
  • Feature films:
    • $3,000 / INR 150,000 + 18% GST for full length 2 hours feature films. Payable in 3 installments at various stages of progress.
    • $3,750 / INR 180,000 + 18% GST  for full length 2:30 hours feature films. Payable in 3 installments at various stages of progress.