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Find a biography writer – biography writers for hire

Here are some pointers that are to be kept in mind while hiring one of the best biography writers for hire:

  • Writing a biography is the most overwhelming and exhaustive forms of writing. So it is always recommended that you find a biography writer for writing a biography, who has years of experience.
  • Seasoned professional biography writers have great writing skill. Read samples of the biographer’s previous work and see how smooth the writing is.
  • Your biographer should be able to talk to you, understand your life and frame relevant questions.

How will Pinaki Ghosh handle your biography writing project?

Pinaki has written biographies since 2007. Therefore, the biography writing services offered by Pinaki are certainly among the best in India, and most reliable. The procedure is simply as follows:

  • You decide the number of pages for your book. Recommended length is 150 – 200 pages.
  • We sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Pay an advance to start.
  • Pinaki talks to you explicitly about your life or you submit a summary of the main pointers.
  • Your biographer Pinaki prepares a table of contents or chapter names and shares them with you.
  • You may also record your voice using a mobile phone device to expand each chapter. Mail or message the audio recording to Pinaki.
  • Alternatively, you may be interviewed over a series of video calls or phone calls, which will be recorded.
  • Pinaki listens to your voice recordings and writes your biography.
  • You receive updated versions of your biography every week.
  • Share your feedback with Pinaki and changes would be made.

A 150-page book should take around 2 months to complete.

If you have already written your autobiography and need it edited and improved, try this service.

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$10 / INR 600 per page (250 words/page)

  • 50 page book (12,500 words book) = $500 / INR 30,000
  • 100 page book (25,000 words book) = $950 / INR 58,000
  • 150 page book (37,500 words book) = $1,425 / INR 86,000
  • 200 page book (50,000 words book) = $1,900 / INR 115,000
  • 300 page book (75,000 words book) = $2,800/ INR 170,000

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  • 10% discount if you can get your project started within 7 days from your first enquiry/mail.
  • Installment facility is available. See FAQ page for installment breakup and conditions.