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Pinaki is among the world’s leading children’s book authors and children’s book ghost writer. His works include more than a dozen books written and ghostwritten for children. Short stories or novels, non-fiction or fantasy, thriller or horror, humour or superhero stories; just about anything. Writing for children is not easy, but Pinaki will make it shape up effortlessly. Hence, if you are in search of children’s book writer hire service, Pinaki is the best option for you.

Just send an outline of your book, and it will be ready in weeks. Most of the children’s books written or ghostwritten by Pinaki have turned out to be commercially very successful. He has also written several feature films and animated shows for children.

Want the see his work? Check out his works for children here.


$10 / INR 600 per page (250 words/page) / US$ 0.04 / INR 2.5 per word

  • 50 page book (12,500 words book) = $500 / INR 30,000
  • 100 page book (25,000 words book) = $950 / INR 58,000
  • 150 page book (37,500 words book) = $1,425 / INR 86,000
  • 200 page book (50,000 words book) = $1,900 / INR 115,000
  • 300 page book (75,000 words book) = $2,800/ INR 170,000

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  • Avail 10% discount by starting your project within 7 days from your first enquiry/mail
  • Instalment facility is available. See FAQ page for instalment breakup and conditions.

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