Fiction book ghostwriting Narrate the story in brief and allow Pinaki to expand it into a novel

Fiction ghostwriterDo you need a fiction ghostwriter for your novel? Are you looking for a ghostwriter/writer to write rich short stories? Do you have a story in mind, but not the words? Do you think your story outline can compete with the best in the world, but you have no time to write it? Then you need to hire a ghostwriter from Pinaki at a reasonable rate.

No worries. As for this reason, we bring you the world’s best professional ghostwriting services.

Hire the best novel ghostwriter you can get just at $10 per page.

Pinaki charges just $10 per page for writing or ghostwriting fiction, which includes novels and short stories. Hence, at a very competitive cost get a professional ghostwriter for your book.

Therefore, all you need to do is to send an e-mail to Pinaki at to reach out to him.

and ask for his fiction work samples.

FEE STRUCTURE – For fiction ghostwriter

$10 / INR 600 per page (250 words/page)

  • 50 page book (12,500 words book) = $500 / INR 30,000
  • 100 page book (25,000 words book) = $950 / INR 58,000
  • 150 page book (37,500 words book) = $1,425 / INR 86,000
  • 200 page book (50,000 words book) = $1,900 / INR 115,000
  • 300 page book (75,000 words book) = $2,800/ INR 170,000

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  • Avail 10% discount if you can start your project within 7 days from your first enquiry/mail.
  • Instalment facility is available. See FAQ page for instalment breakup and conditions.

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