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One does not need to hire a ghostwriter every day. You just need to find a ghostwriter once to put your story on papers. You have a story to tell, As a result, it is an important decision to find a ghostwriter and hire him/her, who offers the best quality, and pinches your pocket the least.

Pinaki Ghosh, leading professional ghostwriter by popularity (source: and undoubtedly an affordable ghostwriter freelance; has authored 10 books and ghostwritten over 50 ebooks.

Throw any subject like:

  • Leadership training
  • Motivational
  • Self-help
  • Relationship advice
  • Business
  • Health
  • Real estate
  • Finance
  • Biographical
  • Travel
  • Semi-technical
  • Academic/educational
  • Or any other.

If you need to hire a non-fiction book ghostwriter, Pinaki is the right choice for you. As he has ghostwritten commercially successful books on all the above subjects, several times over.

Please send a mail to Pinaki at

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and ask for his non-fiction work samples.


$20 / INR 600 per page (250 words/page)

  • 50 page book (12,500 words book) = $999 / INR 29,990
  • 100 page book (25,000 words book) = $1,899 / INR 56,990
  • 150 page book (37,500 words book) = $2,799 / INR 83,990
  • 200 page book (50,000 words book) = $3,699 / INR 110,990
  • 300 page book (75,000 words book) = $5,499 / INR 164,990

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  • 10% discount if you can get your project started within 7 days from your first enquiry/mail.
  • Installment facility is available. See FAQ page for installment breakup and conditions.

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