Testimonials What clients tell about Pinaki Ghosh

Gino Paolino (Author of The True Story of Jesus)

I am very happy with your writing. You are even a great screenplay writer. I love the way that you weave the text with the narration and with your dialogue and your imagery 

Thanks and regards,
Victoria Howard (author of The Evolution of Angie & Junior and Elena)
You did a wonderful job! 
Howard K. Pollack (author of Everywhere That Tommy Goes)
Thank you, its coming along nicely.  
Jared Revard (comic book writer)
Power Publishers & Motion Pictures is awesome! I contacted them about a book cover for an epic fantasy novel, sent numerous pictures and descriptions, and was completely impressed with the quality of their work, the time it took to finish, and how they were able to seamlessly incorporate the numerous elements I desired into the final product. 
Subhabrata Chatterjee (film director)
a bunch of young and talented guys associated with power publishers and their professionalism makes every projects a success . they are the only one who makes international quality in publishing industry and serves clients worldwide . 
Sayali Mukherjee (author)
My life’s first publishings house. The whole team is fabulous!!!!, they give me new identity as an author!!!, God bless them.my journey with power will continue. 
Dr. Suresh Pandey (renowned doctor & author)
Power Publishers- Excellent team, Excellent Job. 
Ozlem Altingoz (American film maker)
Pinaki is fast and amazing. So happy to have worked with Pinaki.
Haley & DJ Hicks (comic book writers)
Great job!
Felix Schledde (from Germany)
That looks quite awesome. That’s really good work.