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What are script doctor services?  Why do you need a script consultant or screenplay editor?

If you have written a screenplay and need a screenplay editor to improve it to professional standards, then you must go for our script doctor services. Pinaki has acted as a script consultant for scores of films, pointing out the areas of improving the screenplay. You can either go for script consultant service, where Pinaki will read your screenplay and list all specific areas where it can be improved, and write in his notes exactly how it can be improved. Pinaki offers highly acclaimed script doctor services worldwide. It is important that your screenplay has a professional finish before you are pitching it to producers. Amateurish writing leads to script rejection. Good script doctor services / a good script consultant is what you need. You will get a 5 – 7 page detailed report of the areas of improvements and how improvements can be done.
Or you can go a step further and ask him to be the screenplay editor. As the script editor, Pinaki will actually edit, rewrite, polish and improve your screenplay. He will rewrite and improve the dialogues, emotions, actions. After the edit, your screenplay will shine line a screenplay written by a professional.


Script consultancy / doctoring: US$ 200 / INR 10,000 + 18% GST.
Screenplay editing: US$ 10 per page / INR 500 per page + 18% GST.
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