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Bollywood script writerWelcome to the personal website of leading screenplay writer Pinaki Ghosh, with the experience of handling 115+ screenplays. This makes him an experienced Hollywood & Bollywood script writer. Thus, you have landed at the right place if you are in search of a screenwriter for hire or a freelance screenwriter.

Why hire Pinaki as a Hollywood or Bollywood script writer?

You can hire Pinaki Ghosh for your movie screenplay writing project in the first place. Not to mention, Pinaki has handled 117 full-length movie, television and action game screenplay writing projects in 2009, and Bollywood script writer2010. Whether it is animated or real action; romance or drama, action or musical, horror or thriller; whether your target audience is American or Indian or global, you can be assured about the same superior quality.

Following are the names of the film screenplays Pinaki is writing; have written, co-written (with other writers) or rewritten:

  1. Sin Sister (Bengali full length feature film)
  2. Captain India (animated superhero movie/Action/Comedy)
  3. Kick it Like Ronaldo (animated sport movie).
  4.  Altappa Milky Milky 104 episode animated series around a 3 year old cute child)
  5. Abrakadabra – Short animated film
  6. Ghanshyam (5D short film for entertainment parks)
  7. Ultima Force – animated American action series. USA.
  8. Zeazoo and Land of Boo (animated full length movie
  9. BigHeds (animated feature film)
  10. Bo Mamo (3D animated full length movie with major star cast)
  11. Terminal Call (Suspense/Mystery)
  12. Fatal Illusion / Deceit (Horror/Thriller)
  13. Locksmith (Action/Mystery/Thriller)
  14. Pacman – The People’s Champ (Drama)
  15. The End Game (War movie/Action)
  16. The Willow (Horror/Mystery)
  17. Untitled superhero movie (Action/Comedy)
  18. Lethal Retribution (iPhone Game Script)
  19. Ife’s Gift (drama) movie about Alzheimer’s disease.
  20. Ell Nino (full length American movie)
  21. Mind Magic (full length American movie)
  22.  Make a Move (full length American movie)
  23. Sperm (short animated movie, comedy)
  24. The Rajkumari, Prostitute, Princess (full length British movie)
  25. Rwanda 1994 (Full length major American war movie)
  26. Ajooba (104 episode animated series for Cartoon Network)
  27. The Doll (full length American horror movie)
  28. First and Second Installments (novel to screenplay adaptation)
  29.  Rainstorm (novel to screenplay adaptation)
  30. The Greatest Mistake (full length feature)
  31. Rok Nation – the Neo Thols (animated feature film)
  32. Code Comission (Hollywood feature)
  33. Yam Aur Bum (animated 26 episode television series/Comedy).
  34. Impossible Hain Nothing – (full length feature)
  35. 13 episode animated comedy series for teens distributed by Televisa, the largest media company in the Spanish speaking world.
  36. An American in Vienna (screenplay improvement / screenplay rewriting)
  37. Paper American (book to screenplay adaptation)
  38. Adventures in Raceland (animated bike race series)
  39. King of Good Times (biopic on the life of Dr. Vijay Mallya)
  40. Om, The Mighty Hoe (animated feature film)
  41. Potlatch Legends (animated feature film)
  42. Erudition (full length American feature film)
  43. Vehemence (full length British feature film)
  44. Thorn in My Heart (full length British feature film)
  45. No Holds Barred (American full length feature film)
  46. Memory (American-Vietnam feature film)
  47. Maujjan Hi Maujjan (Bollywood feature film)
  48. The Child of Gulag (American feature film)
  49. The Prisoners of Katrina (book to screenplay adaptation)
  50. The Shrinking Sea (book to screenplay adaptation)
  51. Broken Promises (book to screenplay adaptation)
  52. It is a Good Day to Die (book to screenplay adaptation)
  53. F**king Drones (American full length feature film)
  54. Training documentary film for shipbreaking workers’ safety (screenplay)
  55. Truth Instructed – The Saint Mary Project (book to screenplay adaptation)
  56. The Poisonous Genius (book to screenplay adaption)
  57. Narasimha (a modern day adaptation of Beauty & the Beast)
  58. The Crown of Nazarine (American full length feature film)
  59. Reverie (American full length feature film)
  60. Temporary project title: German Family Escape film (British full length feature film)
  61. Mighty Snorter (American full length feature film)
  62. Jack London (short story to film) (12 minute short)
  63. Idioms (comic book script)
  64. The Incredible Bucky Berrot (American full length feature film)
  65. Tim and His Women (American full length feature film)
  66. Rebel Radio (tv series)
  67. Marble King (American full length feature film)
  68. Quentessence (American full length feature film)
  69. Ranch Memories (American full length feature film)
  70. Kuba ka – Son of Zeus (comicbook script)
  71. Angela (Japanese comicbook script)
  72. Adventure Angler (comicbook script)
  73. Perils of Fatherhood (biopic screenplay) (British movie)
  74. The Secret Love of An Arabian Prince (Middle East movie)
  75. Kissing Chickens (American movie)
  76. Working title: Syrian Refugee Movie
  77. Jeevan Saathi (treatment for a Bollywood movie)
  78. Debt (Indian feature film)
  79. Alabama (short film screenplay)
  80. Dark Revolution (American film screenplay rewriting / improvement)
  81. Billy bear and Friends (animation screenplay)
  82. Mimadamos (Lebanon movie screenplay)
  83. No Free Left (short film script)
  84. Will to Love (book to screenplay adaptation)
  85. Nashtaneer (Bollywood feature film from a Rabindranath Tagore story)
  86. The Legend of Santa Clause (American film screenplay)
  87. 400 meters to Olympic Glory (motivational sport movie screenplay)
  88. A Salesman (book to screenplay adaptation of THE GREATEST SALESMAN OF THE WORKD by Og Mandino)
  89. Amies Light (screenplay improvement)
  90. Murderous Wife (screenplay improvement / rewriting)
  91. Mimo (Feature film screenplay) (supervised)
  92. Nie Means Nie (Polish / Poland feature film screenplay)
  93. Waiting For Chester (book to screenplay adaptation) (supervised)
  94. Holy Devil (screenplay rewriting & improvement)
  95. Al Di La (book to screenplay) (supervised)
  96. A Little Child Can lead Them (full length screenplay)(supervised)
  97. Junior & Elena (book to screenplay) (supervised)
  98. The Evolution of Angie (book to screenplay) (supervised)
  99. Murder in the Cathedral (full length screenplay)
  100. The Portal (full length screenplay)
  101. Everywhere That Tommy Goes (book to screenplay) (supervised)
  102. The True Story of Jesus (book to screenplay) (supervised)
  103. Khan Story (Underworld TV series for Pakistan TV) (supervised)
  104. The Order of Gepetto (supervised)
  105. Imran in Pursuit of Imran (full length feature)
  106. The F World (full length screenplay rewriting/improvement) (supervised)
  107. Marsimik La (Full length Bollywood biopic)
  108. Land of Mercy (full length screenplay) (supervised)
  109. Credit Card (full length screenplay improvement) (supervised)
  110. Six Hours (TV episode) (supervised)
  111. Girl and Aisa (full length screenplay) (supervised)
  112. The Eye Collector (full length horror screenplay) (supervised)
  113. The Cat (short film screenplay)(co-written) (supervised)
  114. Reap As You Sow (short film screenplay) (supervised)
  115. Cameroonian Warriors (comic book script)
  116. One Eagle’s Journey to Glory (full length feature) (supervised)
  117. Super Kid (comic book script) (supervised)

Convey your exact requirement, like whether you want a film for the film festivals or to smash the box office with a universal appeal; send your story outline or ask Pinaki to write one based on your choice or genre. Keep receiving updated versions of the screenplay over the next few weeks till you have a perfect screenplay for your dream movie. Now getting a Hollywood and Bollywood script writer is so easy and under one roof.

Please send a mail to Pinaki at and ask for his screenplay or treatment samples.

Fee structure

Screenplay writing (including dialogue writing): $25 per page | Rs. 1,000 per page or the following rates

  • Full-length
  • Feature films:
    • $3,000 / INR 150,000 + 18% GST for full length 2 hours feature films. Payable in 3 instalments at various stages of progress.
    • $3,750 / INR 180,000 + 18% GST  for full length 2:30 hours feature films. Payable in 3 instalments at various stages of progress.
  • Animated films:
    • $25 /  INR 1,000 + 18% GST per minute of the film.
  • Television / Web series screenplays:
    • $600 / INR 25,000 + 18% GST for 22 – 25 minute episodes. Write to me for a quote if the duration is different.
  • Short films:
    • $25 /  INR 1,000 + 18% GST per minute of the short film.
  • Film Story / Treatment writing:
    • $400 / INR 20,000 + 18% GST for writing a 15 page original treatment/film story
  • Screenplay editing, enhancement, doctoring:
    • $10 / INR 300  + 18% GST per page for partial rewriting and total enhancement (script doctoring)
  • Logline writing:
    • $50 / INR 2,000  + 18% GST for reading your script and writing an attractive logline.
  • Screenplay coverage / screenplay consultancy
    • $200 / INR 10,000  + 18% GST for screenplay coverage, suggestions and complete feedback for improvement.

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  • 10% discount if you can get your project started within 7 days from your first enquiry/mail.
  • Installment facility is available. See FAQ page for installment breakup and conditions.
  • A full-length feature film screenplay takes 30 – 60 days to be completed.

If you want a treatment written instead of a screenplay then click here to check our treatment writing service here.


* In 2010, Pinaki was an extremely preferred horror screenwriter and Hindi script writer (Bollywood script writer).

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