Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Indian ghostwriter

1. How does the process work with us as an Indian Ghostwriter?

  • To start a screenplay, I will either need a story or novel. If there is no story, I can write the story (treatment) based on any input or suggestions. Let me know if you want me to watch/study any particular movies before I attempt to write your screenplay. I am also an Indian ghostwriter. Therefore, you may also connect with me for ghostwriting services.
  • All that I need from you to write/ghostwrite/co-write a book is an outline of the book, or a summary, or a table of contents, or a list of topics to be covered. You can simply mail it to me.
  • If you think you should talk to me, to convey your thoughts about the book, that works fine too. You record your voice using your phone and email or WhatsApp the voice file to me.
  • I can expand any sort of input into an enjoyable book.
  • The style (for non-fiction) will be conversational, with stories and examples; the style which most bestsellers follow as per the style of an Indian ghostwriter. If you have another style in mind you may mention that.
  • If you have any material to be used as a reference in form of an unfinished manuscript, articles, brochures, audio files, or videos, and feel that I should study those to know the subject of your book better, you can send those to me; though that is not mandatory.
  • You need not be worried about the secrecy of your material, as there will anyways be a contract between you and me.
  • I may interview you in several sessions if I feel the project requires me to interview you. I recommend you install Skype for the interview sessions.

2. Can I pay in installments?

Yes. While payments for projects worth less than $500 are taken as 100% advance, if your project value is over $500, you can go for 2 – 3 installments:

1. 1/3 fees payable as advance to get your project started.
2. 1/3 payable on 35% work delivery
3. 1/3 payable on 75% work delivery.

3. What are the payment options?

  1. PayPal
  2. UPI / Google Pay / PhonePe
  3. Bank to bank wire transfer / NEFT / RTGS transfer.
  4. Netbanking
  5. Western Union (with limitations)
  6. Cash

4. Any discounts?


  1. Discounts are available on larger orders. If you see the fee structure, you will notice that the larger is your order, the lower is your rate (per page).
  2. 10% early decision discount is available on the total fees if you come to a decision & get your project started within 7 days from your first mail/inquiry.

5. Is there a Non Disclosure Agreement?

There will be a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement between you and me, which you can download by clicking here. You have to change the portions in red, print it, sign it, and send it to me (by emailing me a scanned version or by post). I shall sign the same and send it back to you. Generally, this non-disclosure agreement is necessary for every Indian ghostwriter.

6. Who owns the copyright?

As soon as the fees are all cleared you will gain the copyright of the manuscript.

7. Do I get work updates?

You will receive installments of the work every week from the end of the 2nd week. You can go through the work and suggest changes if any.

8. What is the turnaround time?

A 100-page book or screenplay is likely to be ready in 30 – 40 days; and a 150-page book in 45 – 60 days. If you have suggestions for changes, that would drag the project a little longer.

9. Can we meet to discuss the project?

Sure we can. The best way to meet in video meet using Zoom or Gmeet. You are also welcome to come down to Kolkata to meet me with an appointment. If the value of your project is above Rs 150,000 / $3,000, I can travel to your location to meet you for a discussion. In case you want me to travel to your location for a meeting to discuss a project, you will be expected to bear the return airfare, accommodation in a standard hotel and conveyance within your city. Projects valued less than Rs 150,000 / $3,000 can be discussed via video meet, email and phone.

10. Is GST (Goods & Service Tax) additional? What is the rate of GST on writing services? What is the GSTIN number?

18% GST is applicable on the service charges/fees if you are paying in INR. If you are paying in USD, no additional GST is applicable.

GST rate is 18%.

My GSTIN number isĀ 19ADMPG2936L1Z4.