Co Author Writing Service for Your Novel or Screenplay

Are you one of the busy bees who are battling with their half-finished screenplays? Writing a screenplay alone can be a tough process and it can be really challenging if you are working at a 9 to 5 schedule. But we have a simple solution to your problem. You can find a co author for your screenplays and make your script stand out in the crowd! It is not just your busy schedule, collaborative writing brings quality to your work. For this reason, many popular screenwriters in the world prefer co writing.

All you need to do is to write an outline of your script and submit it to us. We are here to provide you with all kinds of information you need. You can check our samples to find a co writer.

Still in doubt? We will tell you why you should hire Pinaki Ghosh for co writing a screenplay.

Pinaki Ghosh is one of the leading screenplay writers. He has experience in handling more than 140 screenplays. He is a co writer of two dozen films, animated films and tv-web series. Whether your target audience is American, Indian or global you can be assured that there would no compromises on the quality. Pinaki Ghosh will assist you with the writing as a co-author. Don’t worry, he would not write the entire screenplay for you! He would delve into your imaginary world and make it better by adding the desired scale and depth. You can also opt for a book co author service from Pinaki.

Don’t just wander online for your project to be a successful one. Avail the best quality co writing services in India by Pinaki and make your book or movie a commercial hit.

In case you have already made your manuscript, try our proofreading service to have an error-free book launched.

Not only getting your book co-written but you may also publish it to the world. You may also get your book published under the same roof. Pinaki is also the co-founder of India’s first self-publishing website –